Day Two – Keynote Presenters

The Role of Asset Management when organisations change faster than road condition.  Dr Ian Greenwood, Greenwood Associates Infrastructure Consultants

Asset management can be both an instigator of organisational change, and also the keepsake of institutional knowledge when organisational change occurs.  Ian will look at the role of asset management as road authorities increase their focus on climate resilience; and share some of the successes and failures he has experienced along the way. Based on his 25 years of experience spanning over 20 countries, including almost a decade as the Technical Manager of the NZdTIMS initiative, Dr Greenwood will present his views on how asset management practices and systems have to adapt and evolve to keep up with differing demands – or risk change occurring that leaves asset management behind.

Dr Ian Greenwood is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of infrastructure asset management.  He has worked in over 20 countries, including spending almost a decade as the technical manager of the NZdTIMS initiative.  He was a co-author of the 2011 International Infrastructure Management Manual and the counterpart Optimised Decision Making manual; along with co-authoring the World Bank guidance on implementing performance based contracting; integrating climate change into asset management; and managing geohazard risks for transport networks.  In 2009 Ian was presented with the NAMie award for technical excellence in asset management; in 2011 Ian was elected as a Fellow of Engineers NZ for his work in advancing knowledge in asset management; and in 2016 Ian was presented with the outstanding individual achievement award by the UK Institute of Asset Management. Following 20 years working with a multinational consulting firm, Ian branched out on his own in 2013 working as Greenwood Associates Infrastructure Consultants.

Is a target of zero road deaths meaningless?  Michael Naylor, Massey University

The Minister has set a seemingly impossible target of zero road deaths. The only way this can be achieved is by removing humans from the driving seat. Yet true level 5 vehicle autonomy is probably decades away – so is the Minister’s target meaningless?
Dr Naylor will explore the main element holding level 5 autonomy back – computer vision, and outline the difficulties of vision at an individual vehicle level. He will then explore a new concepts of a ‘smart road network’ and inter-vehicle networking, and outline why these can potentially allow the target of zero roads to be achieved.
Dr Naylor will then further outline how the big data obtainable from that vehicle network will also transform urban congestion management.

Dr Michael Naylor is a leading Australasian expert in insurance and frequent media commentator. He is a leading expert on the impact of technology on the insurance industry, and the author of the well-read book ‘Insurance Transformed: Technological Disruption’. In this he predicts the demise of the profitability of auto insurance in the near future. This interest led him to research on the causes of automobile crashes and to explore the likely impact of future technology. He argues that the transport sector is about to be transformed in ways which are not generally understood. He teaches insurance and investments at Massey University.